A photograph of Karolis.
Karolis Ramanauskas
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Biological Sciences
840 W. Taylor St.
SEL 4093 M/C 067
Chicago, IL 60607
E-Mail: kraman2@uic.edu

I am a graduate student in the Igić lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I study mating system evolution in flowering plants.

More specifically, I am interested in the molecular evolution and genetic architecture of the S-ribonuclease-based mechanism of self-incompatibility found in many angiosperms. It is unclear whether this mechanism originated once and this homology is retained across eudicots, or if its components were re-recruited independently.

Service for the Phylogenetic Placement of T2/S-RNases

This web service aims to enable and ease the phylogenetic placement and classification of new T2/S-type RNases. It arises out of our lab's previously published papers1,2. Please read Ramanauskas and Igić 20172 for details underpinning the starting trees and rationale for analyses.


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